The whiteboard and the smart board were my tools of the trade in Scotland. It was uncommon to use or even see a blackboard. However the scratching sound of the humble chalk has made a return to my life here in Sosh. With every cleaning bang of the chalk duster I’m reminded of the opportunity to live out my passion and giftings. At a local school I have been battled with Grade 7s (11 year olds) during after-school tutoring. I have also been teaching science to adults re-sitting their final school exams. Many students struggle with the world of science due to barriers. I’m happy if I can help a few people work through these to have those eureka moments.

I want to see people flourish in all of life. Through teaching and tutoring I’m able to help in a small way. When I see an education system that continually puts obstacles in the way of the learners I get very frustrated (e.g. learning by repetition, a lack of practical experiments, and few opportunities for problem-solving). Debbie has heard a number of my laments! Personally I was lucky at school, the structure suited me and I flourished in that environment. But as I look around the streets of Sosh, I see so many young people who have dropped out of school because the hurdles were too tall for them to jump. People not appreciated for the talents they do have. My hope is for these young people to value themselves and to be valued for who they are.

I may not be able to change a whole system but if I can pour into the lives of neighbours here perhaps they can be the leaders making those changes in the future.

– p

This is the fifth post in our ‘Tools of the Trade’ series – stories of the objects weaved into our life in Sosh.

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