Hobble, Wobble and Pobble



“Debbie could you go and get my phone from the other room”, I call out to my 8 month pregnant wife. She happily obliges to my request. You may be thinking – ‘What! How thoughtless of you to ask her to do that, she should be the one resting!’

Debbie is now 34 weeks pregnant and up until this week I’ve been doing my best to help her in her new ‘Wobble’ state. Bringing her the cup of tea that she left at the other side of the room, doing most of the driving and any sweeping and mopping.

But then things changed when I sprained my ankle badly during a game of basketball leaving me in a state of ‘Hobble’. Fortunately there was no fracture, but walking is not as easy as it used to be.

It’s amazing how things can change so suddenly. I went from being able to run 18 miles to struggling to walk across the room. Both Debbie & I have had to let go of some of our independence and accept help from others during this season. Life passes by quickly and we can forget to appreciate the moment. Even in my Hobble state, I know I need to soak in the beautiful of each day.

Debbie and I spend time watching her belly move around, imagining that our little Pobble is practicing their dancing. Break-dancing is top choice with all the upside down moves.

This pregnancy will soon be over and we’re excited to see our little joy in the flesh. As Debbie becomes more and more uncomfortable it becomes harder to appreciate the beauty of the moment. However the feeling of anticipation is something we want to remember and value. This time as Hobble, Wobble & Pobble.

– P



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