drops of colour

Green and purple marbled cake with marshmallows on top

Green and purple marbled cake with marshmallows on top

‘Auntie Debbie,  a re beka kajeno?’ Every Friday (and sometimes other days) the kids start asking ‘are we baking today?’  To our team the Friday chaos is called ‘kids club’ or ‘friends for life’, but to our small friends it is simply baking.

It started 7 years ago when our team leaders moved into Sosh. A space for the neighbourhood kids to be safe, have fun together and learn a little about God. Most weeks we make the same simple sponge cake. 3 cups flour. 2 cups sugar. There’s a debate over who should be the leader.  6 spoons baking powder. Melted margarine. The kids take it in turns to pour into the mixing bowl. 2 eggs. 2 cups of milk. As each child stirs we count to 10.

And then the great debates about colour and flavour. That’s the magic part, how are these rainbow cakes going to turn out this week?

I hope our crazy kids club (we’ve recently had 80 kids coming along) adds a drop of colour, and cups of flavour and joy to our kids’ lives. I know it does to mine.

– d

This is the third post in our ‘Tools of the Trade’ series – stories of the objects weaved into our life in Sosh.

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