extra-ordinary awareness

‘We have seen extraordinary things today’. This is the exclamation of the people who saw Jesus performing miracles (check out Luke chapter 5 verse 26).

When I’m teaching science I love seeing the surprise on pupils’ faces when an experiment reacts in a way they don’t expect. Generally the next response is ‘do it again, do it again!’ We all love to experience extra-ordinary events.

I wonder how many extra-ordinary things happen in our day that we don’t notice. When I worked for a whole week as a charity fundraiser on the street I was given some advice to make people notice me. ‘Treat it like people are on a blue line like in Google maps, they are focused from getting from A to B and you need to get into their line of vision.’ The advice didn’t help my fundraising skills, as I soon got fired. However the words have stuck with me, a reminder to be aware of what is around me as I travel.

I was waiting at a bus stop in Scotland one morning and a spider caught my eye. It was working on a web. I was absorbed by the skill and precision that went into this creation. The spider apparently uses the length of it’s body to determine the size of the spaces in the web and after the web loses it’s stickiness the spider may eat it to reuse the proteins. So next time you accidentally walk into a web, take a moment to appreciate the genius behind it while you scrape it off your face.

Debbie is discovering the beauty of birds. She is mesmerised by the colours and the sounds of our feathered friends here in South Africa. Going for a walk with her in nature can take a long time as she continually stops to snap photos or just to appreciate the songs and the chatter.

We are both trying to fully appreciate the development of our unborn child. As the weeks go by we read up on how this very little person is growing. I can’t get my head around the wonder that we are all made from one cell.

What extra-ordinary things have you seen today? Perhaps you just need to look a little closer?

– p


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