Possible by Stephan Bauman – a review


Passion, personal potential and practical, some words that describe Possible. This was my first encounter with Stephan Bauman’s writing and I was challenged and convicted throughout.


Bauman writes his calling statement on page 65:

“I belong to God, who loves me and has chosen me. I am called to inspire people to take radical steps toward bringing justice to a suffering world.”

Bauman’s passion oozes out the pages of this book. The personal stories make the book very readable and engaging. His writing style inspires the reader to ‘do something’ on finishing the book (or even partway through!). Bauman’s passion comes from the deep understanding that God is calling each of us to work with Him towards justice.

“Is He not asking unsuspecting heroes, ragamuffins though we are, to join in [God’s] great project if we are only bold enough to try, courageous enough to be honest, tenacious enough to walk the long line, and humble enough to create heroes in others rather than seek fame for ourselves?” (pg 159)

Personal Potential

Throughout the book, Bauman challenged me to think about my potential to change the world. What are my gifts, skills, and talents that can be used to counter injustice? He helped me to think about the issues anger me and reflect on what I can do. He is calling upon the reader to speak up against injustice in creative and relevant ways. Bauman argues that “Millions of people are held back because they really don’t believe they are called (by God)” and “Doesn’t Christ work in and through us? Christ alive in our hands and feet? Christ present in our tears and prayers?”


What I love about this book is the practicality. Bauman presents the passion, shows our potential and makes it personal, and then makes it practical. He suggests a variety of activities to help the reader discover their passion and calling, to work towards reconciliation of broken relationships and to discover the assets of a community.

Personally I followed his guidance to consider my calling and vision statements and link them with my passions and experiences. This helped me to refocus on what I want to spend my time and energy on. I was encouraged to see the opportunities I already have to fight injustice.

Bauman has put his heart into this book, it has the potential to be a catalyst for change.

I recommend this book to those who have a deep desire for change, no matter what your situation is in life. We can all play our part to see an end to injustice.


I was given a pre-release copy but these are my true thoughts (honest!)



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