The Grand Paradox by Ken Wytsma – a review


The Grand Paradox – a review

I love spending time with friends where we drink beautiful coffee and question life together. When I read Ken Wytsma’s first book, Pursuing Justice, I felt I had discovered a new literary companion grappling with similar questions. So when I was given the opportunity to write a pre-release review for his latest book, The Grand Paradox, I felt privileged, intrigued and excited.

“Life is messy and God is mysterious”.

Wytsma uses this phrase to set the scene of why living out our Christian faith in God can be difficult and confusing, yet fulfilling. He unpacks this phrase in an expansive way covering many topics including: obedience, our calling, happiness, doubt, culture, the church, suffering, and blessing. Extensively quoting C.S. Lewis, he discusses these topics with different analogies and illustrations. Each topic could be the subject of it’s own book yet the bite-size nature starts lots of conversations. Personally I’ve been journeying with some of the themes such as contentment, suffering and blessing, before reading this book and so have welcomed Wytsma’s reflections. I can see myself dipping back into this book in the future as I consider different subjects included.

Wytsma mentions in chapter 15 that he has a heart “for people who ride the fence and sit in the middle between worldly living and Christian living”. This passion is clear throughout as he continually challenges the reader to follow Jesus fully, in all areas of life. I live in an area where churches are full on Sundays, but I sometimes struggle to see faith lived out the rest of the week. As I was reading Wytsma’s words I found myself thinking of the young people I mentor and how I can use some of the themes from the book to help them to consider how to put their faith into action.

I often found myself nodding and highlighting quotes as I read this book. My initial feelings weren’t disappointed as I pondered with a fellow pilgrim. This would be a great book to read with a friend or a small group so you can hold each other accountable as you are challenged in your walk with God. Wytsma has also promised resources to work through.

I thoroughly recommend this book to you wherever you are in your walk with God and may you find Wytsma’s insights a useful tool on the journey.

I was given a pre-release copy but these are my true thoughts (honest!)

– P

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