New year, new challenges

Happy New Year when it comes!

This blog has witnessed our journey through 2014 and we hope you’ve caught glimpses of our transition and settling. Thank you for engaging with us through the year.

Debbie completed her 2014 challenge by posting a picture for every week of the year. Paul’s challenge was a lot more passive; he successfully didn’t use shampoo on his hair all year and will continue into the new year.

What are the 2015 challenges we hear you ask?

Well, to continue keeping the blog updated, Paul will be writing every two weeks. It will involve stories, quotes, a series of thoughts and even a book giveaway. Debbie has been inspired by ‘Humans of New York‘ and hopes to do a series of ‘Humans of Soshanguve’ to share the stories of some of our neighbours here.

Our other resolution will be giving up chocolate for the year. This will be tough but we’re up for the challenge.

Are you taking on any new challenges for the year?


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