Adventure is a mindset

I recently came across this quote on Twitter:

“Adventure isn’t all about climbing mountains or rowing oceans. Adventure, in its purest form, is simply a way of thinking.”

I was reminded of this on an excursion to pick up a futon for our spare room. We were a bit frustrated and frazzled when we eventually sat down in the car to drive the hour to our destination. We were travelling to an area of Pretoria we hadn’t been to before and so were curious about what we would find there. It was an adventure.

It might seem cliché to say that it’s important to embrace the journey rather than focus on the destination. However I think this is an important outlook on life. It can be an adventure walking down the street if we are willing to stop and be interrupted.

I remember being told during my street fundraiser training that people are like Google Maps; aiming to get from A to B in the shortest possible time. Our job as a fundraiser was to interrupt that route.

When I walk down the streets of Soshanguve, I often have to stop at C, D, E & F on my way to B! Children come running at me, a neighbour wants a chat, or a random person may be asking for money.  Some interruptions are more welcome than others! If I go out with the mindset that walking down the street is an adventure then I’m more open to embracing the unknown.

What adventures are in store for you today?

– P

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