A time for everything

“A time to weep and a time to laugh

A time to mourn and a time to dance”

– Ecclesiastes 3:4

Last week was a time to weep and mourn with our neighbours and friends. Our friend’s son passed away at the beginning of the week. We had seen his health gradually decline over the last few weeks and sadly his body could not continue. It’s always heartbreaking to see children die before their parents but unfortunately it’s a common occurance in this community. On Saturday we were able to attend the funeral and give a hug to his two young sons that are left behind.

Alongside this we found out that a friend’s father in the community also passed away. We were able to attend a prayer meeting on the lead up to the funeral to stand with her during this time of grieving.

The community spirit here is evident on the event of a death. Neighbours come round to help with chores, people come to pray and support families, friends chop and peel vegetables in preparation for the funeral meal. Nobody chooses to go through times of mourning and weeping but these events are a catalyst to bring people together. There were many times during these proceedings when we didn’t know what to do, but with the help from people around us we were able to stand with our friends during these difficult times.

– P

One response to “A time for everything

  1. sorry for all the losses, praying for the community, and you as you navigate this! rough times, chums.

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