2014.20 reality

I deliberately keep these posts upbeat, most weeks have marvellous moments competing with the occasional lows, and I like to focus on the goodness.  This week has been no different in it’s mix of joys and frustrations, however with a little added drama!

DSC_1056-1I made this ‘jar of generosity’ as part of the 40 Acts challenge I took part in for Lent.  It soon took on a new role as keeper of receipts and loose change.  When we came home on Friday we found that someone had been in our house and helped themselves to the coins, and also some Rum & Raisin chocolate from the fridge.  Involuntary generosity?  So on Saturday it was time for additional security (check out the brand names!)…

DSC_1049-1Then on Sunday we came home to find the bathroom window open and broken, thankfully no-one had been in the house.  The housebreaking wasn’t a surprise, but it did feel personal and hurtful.  We are trying to respond with grace to the ‘suspects’ around us, and to continue to trust that we are in Safe Hands here.

DSC_1050-1Yet there are still lovely beautiful things; old friends, new friends, gifts of flowers and small children experiencing the magic of Skype for the first time!

DSC_1057-1– d



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