2014.14 Making Memories


It was the school holidays this week, and over 100 kids showed up for our trip to an outdoor swimming pool in another part of the township.  My impression has been that many kids are left to entertain themselves, and so they’re delighted to have something to do and touched that someone cares about them.  Many of the children hadn’t swam before, so amongst our varying roles we are now apparently swimming teachers.  The smiles and laughter certainly made the sunburn worth it!


There’s also been a lot of socialising!  We met people involved in similar projects to ours (Oasis SA, Servant Partners and Ethne) which was just good for my soul.  And we hosted two braais (BBQs) as a team this weekend, today’s being the launch of our new community youth work (watch this space!)

Today was my first time cooking pap and chakalaka and they were both edible.  I mostly just like saying chakalaka.


One sign of us embracing South African culture is that we served the snacks all in one bowl.  Yes that is Nik Naks, Doritos, peanuts, raisins and pink sweets all mixed together.  The popcorn would have been in there too, but it was just too much for Paul.

– d


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