Getting around


We’ve been here two weeks and we are becoming accustomed to the public transport system around the township: the taxi.

As mentioned in a previous post, a taxi is more like a minibus. Their way of finding customers is to drive around, honking their horns (even at 4.30 in the morning which didn’t amuse me) until they have enough people to fill the taxi. This means you have to be tactical about when you leave to get somewhere. For example, to get to Pretoria the taxi has to have twelve people before it will leave Sosh meaning that you could sit in the van for a few hours driving around the township. We’ve been told it’s best to leave at about 8.30am when people are wanting to get into the city. On Monday we circled the streets of Sosh for half an hour listening to Lionel Richie!

Oh, and of course there are different hand signals for hailing the right taxi: point up to go to Pretoria, point down for a local destination, and finally, rotate your hand in a circular motion to go to Mabopane station (a local shopping area).

These small advances in our understanding give us confidence that we are on the right road from foreign to familiar.

– P

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