Standing out in the crowd


It’s a been a week since we arrived in South Africa in an explosion of Irn Bru (note to self: cans don’t travel well in hold luggage…) and we are slowly adjusting to our new life. As predicted, a lot of people stare at us as we go about life in Soshanguve as it is unusual to see a white person in a township. This can be frustrating at times but also leaves us with a number of stories:

On the way to the local shop to buy airtime for her phone, Debbie received a declaration of love from a guy standing outside.  Then the shopkeeper informed her that she was the first white person he had seen in his shop.

As we were taking a stroll around the area the other day, a few guys appeared outside their hairdressing salon asking us to take a photo. I guess they presumed that because we are white we must have a camera. OK, well we did, and it also led to a good pic!

When we were travelling back from Pretoria on Monday, we had to ask various people which taxi (minibus) was going to Block HH. We caused amusement each time we asked and when we finally found the right taxi, each person on it had a surprised and amused expression on their face.

So we’ll have to get used to these sort of responses and continue to stand out in the crowd. However we hope to surprise the locals further when we get learn Setswana (one of the local languages) and can answer them back!

– P

2 responses to “Standing out in the crowd

  1. Some people love it if you can give them a print of the picture you took of them, since they might not have a photo of themselves. Some advice that I have heard but never taken! Glad to hear you guys are getting to know the area. You’ll get used to the stares soon, and then may be they’ll get used to you haha x

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